My Trip to Black Hog

Pulled Pork, Brisket, Burger galore. That’s only the tipping point of what you’ll find at Black Hog BBQ & Bar.

Whiskey sour in hand and ready to eat some BBQ.

I want to give a HUGE thank you to Black Hog for inviting me to check out their food. It’s no coincidence that they have 4 standing locations (about to be 5), Black Hog knows barbecue, and I was lucky enough to try it. The dynamic duo (my sister and I) went to the Shorebird Street location in Frederick. It’s super convenient and the atmosphere was extremely welcoming. You walk into the restaurant and it feels like you’re at a family barbecue, but in the best way possible, it’s familiar.

We sat outside on the patio, and it was very quaint and comfortable. Immediately I ordered a Whiskey Sour and she ordered a glass of Chardonnay. With red meat I always do whiskey, don’t ask me why, it just feels right. Black Hog’s spin on the classic is adding orange juice to the sour mix, one of the best I’ve had.

Whiskey Sour
BAL-Mor Beef

Followed by drinks, my tastebuds were tantalized with none other than a local classic- The Bal-more Beef. It was piled with onions, smoked brisket, and house made TIGER sauce. I have no idea what was in the tiger sauce but even Carol Baskin would be floored with how delicious it was, (Black Hog I need this recipe STAT). It was an incredible sandwich and I WILL be eating this again. As if this wasn’t top notch already, I added cornbread to the mix. Anyone who knows me knows I LOVE cornbread. And if you could see the aftermath of this meal… I was an easy member of the clean plate club. I should mention each dish comes with their original bbq sauce…. it’s pretty tasty. I tried the others too, and I have to say their Kansas BBQ sauce is MK’s Plate renowned.

Can you be in love with a sandwich?
Pulled Pork Shoulder

My sister got a Pulled Pork Shoulder, an easy classic but a classic nonetheless. Absolutely phenomenal. Even the pickiest of eaters should be over-the-moon with this sammie. She got Mac and cheese on the side, and if you’re looking for the best Mac in Frederick, I found it on Sunday.

A BBQ lover takes her first bite

If you’ve ever been to Black Hog and skimped out on the desserts, please do yourself a favor and fast track over there to try them. They have an incredible pastry chef and let me tell you- she deserves 5 Michelin gold stars for the banana cream pie alone. I wish I bought an entire pie because I’ve been craving it every day since. Thick but fluffy whipped cream, the banana to cream ratio was just right, the crust was flakey and perfect. I’m a dessert girl living in an amazing Black Hog world, and I’m thankful for every minute of it.

THE BEST Banana Cream Pie

Cassidy got their famous Tres Leches cake. It was so moist and creamy. I of course had a bite (we’re twins! We share…sometimes). A really good take on the classic, and a really good pairing with bbq.

The Tres Leches

My experience at Black Hog was one for the books. Every bite was just as incredible as the next. I’ll relish my visit always. Go for the amazing food, stay for the amazing service (and also amazing food). And a little tip from me to you, get the dang dessert!

Thanks for a great evening Black Hog! And thanks for joining me on another food adventure Tastebuds! Be on the lookout for an At the Table episode coming in the next few weeks!

Until next time!,


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